Christine Laudenbach

I am Professor of Finance at the Department of Economics at the University of Bonn. My research interests are behavioral economics and household finance. I am particularly interested in the drivers of financial decision making of private households and in ways of improving the quality of these decision e.g., through financial education, financial advice, or decision making tools. To address these questions, I employ empirical as well as experimental methods.

University of Bonn

Department of Economics

Niebuhrstraße 5| 53113 Bonn


11/20: Our paper The Trading Response of Individual Investors to Local Bankruptcies with Benjamin Loos, Jenny Pirschel, and Johannes Wohlfart is accepted at the Journal of Financial Economics.

09/20: I have joined the Department of Economics at the University of Bonn as a Professor of Finance

08/20: New Paper: On the (Ir)Relevance of Monetary Incentives in Risk Preference Elicitation Experiments (with Andreas Hackethal, Michael Kirchler, Michael Razen, and Annika Weber)

04/20: Our book "Die genial einfache Vermögensstrategie" is published (Campus Verlag)

12/19: INQUIRE Europe grant for research project “Beliefs About the Stock Market and Investment Choices: Evidence from a Field Experiment” (with Annika Weber and Johannes Wohlfahrt), 10,000 EUR

02/19: New Paper: Emotional Tagging and Belief Formation - The Long-Lasting Effects of Experiencing Communism (with Ulrike Malmendier and Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi), AEA Papers & Proceedings forthcoming