Through a Glass Darkly

Commentary on History and Current Events through Sacred and Secular Imagery                                                                                                 

'Veronica's Veil' 2009
 Oil on Canvas,recycled wood,recycled fabric
48" x 48"

" La Pieta" 2009
24"W X 46"H
Oil on canvas, casein on recycled cardboard, recycled frame,cloth,beads,shells,polymer resin

 "ReUnion" 2008 Mixed Media       

(Casein and oil on recycled wood with horsehair, netting and objects) 19"W X 21"H X 3.5" Deep

"The Ladder"

2008 Mixed Media (Casein and oil on recycled wood, with horsehair, paper and objects) 16"W X 29"H X 4" D