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AP/IB Credits (that have been applied to my degree)
ENC 1101 Composition I
ENC 1102 Composition II
MGF 1106 Finite Mathematics
BSC 1005 Principles of Biology for Non-Majors
CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
HIS 2931 History
WOH 2931 History
AMH 2010 American History I
AMH 2020 American History II
SPN 2201 Spanish IV

Fall 2011
ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology
IDH 3100 Arts and Humanities Honors
IDH 4200 Geographical Perspectives Honors
PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health

Spring 2012
HSC 4551 Survey of Human Disease
HSC 4933 Environmental Health Science
STA 2023 Introductory Statistics I
IDH 2010 Acquisition of Knowledge
HSC 4624 Foundations of Global Health

Summer 2012
LAS 3002 Latin America
Fulbright Summer Institute: Contemporary Wales: Politics, Culture, and Industry
Fall 2012 
HSC 4211 Health, Behavior, and Society
HSC 4537 Medical Terminology
PHC 4069 Biostatistics and Society
SPN 3300 Advanced Grammar and Composition 
SPT 3100 Masterpieces in Hispanic Literature 
Spring 2012 (transfer credit from the University of Salamanca in Spain)
Spanish Phonetics
Spanish Culture
Spanish Conversation and Composition
Mass Media in Spain
Economy of the European Union
Intensive Language Orientation