Institute for Mind and Biology
Biopsychological Sciences Building 
University of Chicago 
940 E. 57th St. 
Chicago, IL 60637

PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development, 
University of Chicago

MA, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago, 2013
BS, Astronomy and Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009 

I am currently completing my dissertation studying cognitive, behavioral, and socioemotional development in a free-ranging population of rhesus macaque monkeys (Macaca mulatta) at the Caribbean Primate Research Center on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. 
I am interested in the development and evolutionary emergence of curiosity, exploration, problem solving, and physical cognition across species. In my research, I have adapted a battery of looking time, search, preference, and reasoning tasks and puzzles to understand overlap in early experiences, environment, and social and spatial cognition.

I also design games and puzzles for The Mystery League and projects at The University of Chicago to better understand how human primates approach learning and problem solving and how RPGs and immersive play can impact individual cognition and perception.

I am also interested in cross-cultural differences in approaches to companion animals and the physical, cognitive, and behavioral adaptations of domestication. I founded the Punta Santiago Dogs Rescue while living in Puerto Rico and have assisted with vaccinations and surveys in Malawi with Mission Rabies 

I hope to continue my commitment to public outreach and education regarding wildlife and environmental conservation as well as animal welfare and care to ensure that humans safely and responsibly inhabit and interact with the world.