Stressing on Desserts

A guide to the essential consumption of homemade, store bought, and restaurant desserts.

" Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not." (Unknown) 1

WHAT:Summary: Desserts = YUM

WHERE: stressing for desserts

WHEN: "Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first." (Ernestine Ulmer)1

WHY: why not?

HOW: i heart baking

Prepare to enter the mind of one who envies Hansel and Gretel's visit to the gingerbread house, wishes to be an UmpaLumpa, and plans to live in Candyland.  

Welcome to a web expression of dessert love to be shared and extened to all.  Dieters, however, should be warned that while this site believes in healthy physical being, it mainly promotes the essential need of desserts for happy mental being.  Therefore, having been warned, it would be greatly appreciated if relapse dieters refrained from releasing their frustration out on this site or its creator.  Instead, use the frustration as motivation to participate in the strenuous yet enjoyable task of making your own homemade dessert.  The site does not claim to be athletic or fit but should you continue forward, those who appreciate desserts will find a sense of aesthetic none the less.     

 Browsing requirements: must be ready and able to fill stomach with sugar, butter, chocolate, and the like.   

Brought to you by the overly indulged tastebuds of Christine198c