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The Panama Canal Expansion Project: A Man, A Plan, A Vision for the Future : villanovauniversity : เผยแพร่เมื่อ 2 พ.ค. 2012
Alberto Alemán Zubieta, CEO of the Panama Canal Authority
Video: Panama's Promise: Canal Expansion and its Impact on T : csisdc : อัปโหลดเมื่อ 11 พ.ค. 2011
A Conversation with Alberto Alem?n Zubieta Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority On "Panama's Promise: Canal Expansion and its Impact on
" With an introduction by Stephen Johnson, CSIS, Director, Americas Program And discussants: William C. Lane Director of Government Relations,
 Caterpillar Inc. and Meredith Broadbent CSIS Senior Adviser and William M. Scholl Chair in International Business.

PANAMA CANAL Expansion Third Set of Locks :panamaconsulate : เผยแพร่เมื่อ 7 ก.พ. 2013

Pulse of the Port: Panama Canal Expansion : portoflongbeach : อัปโหลดเมื่อ 23 มิ.ย. 2011
The Panama Canal is undergoing a $5.2 billion reconstruction project that has  repercussions for the flow of international trade and the Port of Long Beach.