Christina Schmitz, PhD, Neuroscientist

I am a CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) researcher, working in the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (INSERM U1028, CNRS UMR5292, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, FRANCE), in the DYCOG team.

I aim at using knowledge about the dynamics of a developing brain to understand its alteration in neurodevelopmental disorders, and vice-versa. My second goal is to uncover reliable markers of dysfunctions across the life span that might help developing rehabilitation. 

In our group, we use behavioural testing, eye-tracking measurements as well as neuroimaging (fMRI) and electrophysiology (EEG and MEG) to try to understand the brain development in relation to the build-up of perceptive, sensori-motor, action and social representations. 

I am especially interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders, as they constitute a fascinating challenge of an alternative path to typical development.

These talented persons are currently working in the team:
  • Quentin Guillon, post-doctoral researcher
  • Pauline Duret, PhD student (co-supervised with Pr Laurent Mottron, coll. with Dr Jérémie Mattout)
  • Nicole Clavaud, PhD student
  • Florence Brun, Master 2, voluntary internship
I have been lucky to have them as part of the "Autism team":
  • Sara Maghous, Master 2 student
  • Laurie-Anne Sapey-Triomphe, Mater 2 and PhD student (co-supervised with Dr Jérémie Mattout)
  • Fanny Barlaam, Master 2 and PhD student, and post-doctoral researcher
  • Jordan Alvès, Master 2 student
  • Anne Frénois, Master 2 student
  • Anaëlle Bain, Master 2 student
  • Judith Vergne, Research assistant
  • Franck Di Rienzo, post-doctoral researcher
  • Miiamaaria Kujala, post-doctoral researcher
  • Suzanne Robic, PhD student
  • Laurie Centelles, PhD student

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