Ms. Christina Haller's Teaching Portfolio and Website

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." --William Butler Yeat



Welcome Everyone to my website!

I am a recent graduate of San Diego State University's Teacher Credential Program. I currently have a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential for the State of California with a subject authorization in Business. My past life experiences and education have led me to this career path, and I truly believe that teaching is of the most challenging and rewarding professions anyone can choose to enter. I cannot wait to have my own classroom!
My Philosophy of Education


I believe that all children are entitled to the same opportunities and quality of education regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion or gender. I passionately feel that every child can meet the highest of expectations, and it is important that they know I expect nothing less than for them to believe in my faith in them and faith in their potential. As a significant person in their lives, I will always be there for them through thick and thin. To provide the highest quality of education I commit to providing student-centered instruction, a culturally inclusive framework, and a caring, safe environment.

Based on academic research and my personal experience I believe that student-centered instruction, which focuses on the needs of the students and not the teachers and administrators, is the most effective and successful method for teaching, regardless of age. Also, there is substantial quantitative and qualitative evidence that integrating the arts with other subjects enhances the quality of learning. Hence, I will use student-centered instruction and the integration of arts as a foundation for my style of teaching. I also believe collaborative and cooperative learning, implemented appropriately, can be highly effective for student learning and, therefore, will be incorporated into my lesson planning.

It is my responsibility as a teacher to provide instruction in various styles to match the needs of all my students, who will inevitably have different ways of learning. My lessons will be directly based on pre- and post-assessments of my students to ensure that they are not just fed information for testing, but actually UNDERSTAND, LEARN, and REMEMBER the material. I will reflect upon my teaching and adjust my classroom management techniques to meet the behavioral needs of my students.  I will also provide constant feedback to my students so that they will know how and where they have grown.

My understanding of a culturally inclusive framework means providing my students with different perspectives and views of other beings so that they can be given choices and make choices not based on one side or one opinion. It means connecting with my students by incorporating multi-cultural curriculum that relates to their family history and present lifestyles. I commit to knowing my students and connecting with them by integrating their culture into my lessons. I strive for my students to be open-minded and unbiased individuals in society; to be empathetic of others; to be compassionate; to reflect on their choices before and after they make them.

A caring and safe environment for anyone is necessary for learning. My classroom will follow the methodology of Dewey’s Education for Democracy which emphasizes developing individuals who will respect everyone equally, actively challenge inequities, and will treat others as they would like to be treated. I will also try my best to make the students feel like our classroom is a second home to them, where they should feel comfortable to participate in discussion and ask questions without fear of being judged by myself or their peers.