Christina Rott

Associate Professor

Department of Management & OrganizationSchool of Business and EconomicsVrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Welcome to my homepage!

I am an Associate Professor at the department of Management & Organization at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

My research focuses on Experimental and Behavioral Economics. Among other topics,

I am particularly interested in organizational behavior, information asymmetries, diversity & inclusion, and communication.


You can download my full CV here.


Increasing workplace diversity: Evidence from a recruiting experiment at a Fortune 500 company, Journal of Human Resources, vol 56(1), 2021, pp. 73 - 92. (with Jeffrey A. Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, and Olga Stoddard)

Advice from women and men and selection into competition (Data), Journal of Economic Psychology, vol 82, 2021, article 102333. (with Jordi Brandts)

Communication in laboratory experiments, in Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Experimental Economics, edited by Arthur Schram and Aljaz Ule, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2019. (with Jordi Brandts and David Cooper)

Shifting blame? Experimental evidence of delegating communication, Management Science, vol 64(8), 2018, pp. 3911 - 3925. (with Orsola Garofalo)

Not just like starting over - leadership and revivification of cooperation in groups, Experimental Economics, vol 19(4), 2016, pp. 792–818. (with Jordi Brandts and Carles Solà)

The impact of advice on women's and men's selection into competition (Appendix), Management Science, vol 61(5), 2015, pp. 1018 - 1035. (with Jordi Brandts and Valeska Groenert)

Working papers

The effect of group identity on hiring decisions with incomplete information (with Fortuna Casoria and Ernesto Reuben).

Gender differences in private and public goal setting (with Jordi Brandts, Sabrine El Baroudi, and Stefanie J. Huber).

Signals from on high and the power of “growth mindset”: A natural field experiment in attracting minorities to high-profile positions (with Jeffrey A. Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, and Olga Stoddard).

Housing consumption and bubble size (with Stefanie J. Huber and Giovanni Giusti).

Work in progress

Is female entrepreneurs’ attitude toward rejection driving their underrepresentation in the VC-backed venture pool? (with Manar Alnamlah, Orsola Garofalo, and Ali Mohammadi).