Relaxation, Rejuvenation for you!

Christina Draber, LMT

Welcome to my Massage Therapy Practice!

Massage Therapy has become an important complimentary therapy to traditional western medicine. It is an essential tool for stress relief, pain management, tension relief for sore muscles and a way to restore fluidity within the body. 

I grew up in Berlin Germany and moved to the Washington area in 1988. After a successful career in Nursing I had the opportunity to pursue Massage Therapy. I have enjoyed bringing this modality to my clients since 1998 and hope to see you in my office for Relaxation and Rejuvenation.


Massage Techniques:

Deep Tissue Massage deep focused pressure with the palm, fist or forearm to release tension

Myofascial Release no lubrication to achieve maximum stretching of the Muscle Fascia, more intense

Swedish Massage light gentle pressure with long and flowing strokes to achieve maximum relaxation

Neuromuscular Therapy  thumb pressure, compression of Trigger points/Knots more intense

Pregnancy Massage all techniques with different positioning to relieve pregnancy related discomfort

Geriatric Massage lighter pressure with more focus on joints to increase circulation and flexibility                                  

     Benefits of Massage:

* Better circulation and Lymph Flow                    * Better Sleep                         * Compliments Western Medicine

* Improved muscle and joint flexibility                 * Enhances body's Immune Response

* Tension and Stress relief                                  * Facilitates Healing after injury              * Pain Management

What to expect:

Sessions are scheduled in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments. You will be asked to fill out a Registration form for basic information about you, your health and medical history. This will be discussed and reviewed before the start of the session. You should feel relaxed and comfortable with the therapist and discuss any concerns you may 

Where to find my Practice:

4141 N.Henderson Road, Plaza Suite 3, Arlington VA 22203

4141 N Henderson Rd Plaza Suite 3

This location is easily accessible from I 66 or Rout 50. You can two hour park on N.Henderson or use the Garage. The Garage entry is on the south bound lane of Glebe Road immediately as you pass the Harris Teeter Grocery Store. You will need to enter #35 (New Millennium) on the call box to open the garage door.

Fees and Hours:

30 Minute Massage/$50                           Sessions are schedule by Appointments from Wednesday-Saturday
60 Minute Massage/$80                                       Exceptions are made depending on your individual schedule and needs
90 Minute Massage/$100                                                    Check, Credit Cards, Cash or PayPal


                                   email:    OR    phone: 202-489-5939

Client Reviews:

Christina Draber is a wonderful massage therapist and a great resource.  My husband and I have been exclusively using her services for  ten years or more.

Once we started working with Christina we found that we liked her methods and were not that pleased when we would have massages at resorts or other vacation locations.


The past several years we have had weekly massage in our home.  Christina is very responsible, prompt,  accountable and always goes the “extra mile” to give her best.


She is very easy to work with and puts you at ease.  We consider her part of our family and part of our “good health plan” since we know the benefits of massage.  Most important, we trust Christina.  We know her recommendations are sound and we know the various training she does to  improve her skills and provide better assistance to her clients.


We have referred Christina to numerous friends and they all have been just as pleased with her services and happy working with her as we have been.


She is the best massage therapist I have ever had and I recommend her without reservation or hesitation.  I am a regular client and I have also given massages as gifts to my friends (well, my best friends!) who also rave about her massages.  She is highly professional in all respects - I never feel rushed to leave the room for the next client as she leaves enough time to handle every appointment in the most relaxed way.  I have never had to wait for her - I'm always ready to sit down and go through the many magazines in the waiting room but I never have the chance!  She is a highly ethical person who makes all clients feel comfortable and at ease.  As you probably know, she is also a nurse so she has broad experience in healthcare.  She is always taking classes to learn the latest techniques and she has made a big difference in my life.  While she focuses on my back which, at times, can be like "concrete," she doesn't neglect any other part of my body.  When I leave, I feel that I've spent the hour with a dear friend who has comforted me through any stress that I may have in my life.  I look forward to my appointments with her and always emerge refreshed and totally relaxed. 


Thank you so much for these wonderful reviews!

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