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Christian Thöni
Centre de droit public
University of Lausanne

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Work in progress

  • Selection into Experiments: Evidence from a Population of Students
    (with Jonathan Schulz, Uwe Sunde, and Petra Thiemann) [link]
  • Trigger-Happy or Precisionist? On Demand for Monitoring in a Noisy
    Social Dilemma Game
    (with Andreas Nicklisch and Louis Putterman) [link]
  • Legal compliance and litigation spending under the English and American rule:
    Experimental evidence?
    (with Baptiste Massenot and Maria Maraki) [link]
  • Uncovering the Heterogeneity behind Cross-Cultural Variation in Antisocial Punishment
    (with Adrian Bruhin and Kelly Janizzi) [link]

Published research  [more publications]

Communication and Market Sharing: An Experiment on the Exchange of Soft and Hard Information [link] [pdf] [doi]
forthcoming: International Economic Review
with Andreas Freitag and Catherine Roux

Debiasing preferences over redistribution: An experiment  [link] [doi] [pdf]
forthcoming: Social Choice and Welfare
with Romain Espinosa and Bruno Deffains

Hunting Unicorns? Experimental Evidence on Exclusionary Pricing Policies [pdf] [WP] [doi]
Journal of Law and Economics, 62 (2019), pp. 457-484
with Aaron Edlin, Catherine Roux, and Armin Schmutzler

Hidden Persuaders: Do Small Gifts Lubricate Business Negotiations? [pdf] [WP] [doi] 
Management Science, 65 (2019), pp. 3877-3888
with Michel André Maréchal
Christian Thöni's homepage
Punishment under threat: The role of personality in costly punishment [pdf] [doi]
Journal of Research in Personality
, 81 (2019), pp. 47-55
with Stefan Volk and Helena Nguyen

Cross-cultural Behavioral Experiments: Potential and Challenges [link]
in: Schram, A. and Ule, A. (eds), Handbook of Research Methods and
Applications in Experimental Economics, 2019.

Conditional Cooperation: Review and Refinement [pdf] [doi] [WP]
Economics Letters, 171 (2018), pp. 37-40  [download stata code: cctype]
with Stefan Volk
Nudging Generosity: Choice Architecture and Cognitive Factors in Charitable Giving [pdf] [doi] [link]
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 47 (2018), pp. 139-145
with Jonathan F Schulz and Petra Thiemann

Survey Response and Observed Behavior: Emancipative and secular values predict pro-social behaviors [pdf] [doi] [WP]
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 48 (2017), pp. 461-489
with Deborah Kistler and Christian Welzel

Information-sensitive Leviathan [pdf] [doi] [WP]
Journal of Public Economics, 144 (2016) pp. 1-13
with Andreas Nicklisch and Kristoffel Grechenig
Home Bias in Multimarket Cournot Games [pdf] [doi] [WP]
European Economic Review, 89 (2016) pp. 361–371
with Catherine Roux and Luís Santos-Pinto
Political Self-Serving Bias and Redistribution [pdf] [doi] [WP]
Journal of Public Economics, 134 (2016) pp. 67-74
with Bruno Deffains and Romain Espinosa
Overconfidence and Career Choice [pdf] [doi] [WP]
PLoS ONE 11(1): e0145126 (2016)
with Jonathan F Schulz
Trust and Cooperation: Survey Evidence and Behavioral Experiments [link]
In: Social dilemmas: New perspectives on trust (2017), edited by Paul A. M. Van Lange, Bettina Rockenbach, & Toshio Yamagishi. New York: Oxford University Press.

A note on CES functions [pdf] [doi]
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 59 (2015) pp. 85-87
Collusion among many firms: The disciplinary power of targeted punishment [doi] [pdf] [WP]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 116 (2015) pp. 83-93
with Catherine Roux

Peer effects and social preferences in voluntary cooperation:
A theoretical and experimental analysis
Journal of Economic Psychology, 48 (2015) pp. 72-88 
with Simon Gächter

Do control questions influence behavior in experiments? [doi] [pdf] [WP]
Experimental Economics, 18 (2015) pp. 185-194
with Catherine Roux

Affect and fairness: Dictator games under cognitive load [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Psychology, 41 (2014) pp. 77-87
with Jonathan F. Schulz, Urs Fischbacher, and Verena Utikal

Inequality aversion and antisocial punishment [doi] [pdf]
Theory and Decision, 76 (2014), pp. 529-545 

Bimodal bidding in experimental all-pay auctions [doi] [pdf]
Games, 4 (2013), pp. 608-623

with Christiane Ernst
Microfoundations of social capital  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Public Economics, 96 (2012), pp. 635-643

with Jean-Robert Tyran and Eri
k Wengström
Temporal stability and psychological foundations of cooperation preferences  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
, 81 (2012), pp. 664-676
with Stefan Volk and Winfried Ruigrok

Micromotives, microstructure and macrobehavior: The case of voluntary cooperation  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 35 (2011), pp. 26-65
with Simon Gächter

Personality, personal values and cooperation preferences in public goods games: A longitudinal study  [doi] [pdf]
Personality and Individual Differences, 50 (2011), pp. 810-815
with Stefan Volk and Winfried Ruigrok

Social comparison and performance: Experimental evidence on the fair wage-effort hypothesis  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 76 (2010), pp. 531-543
with Simon Gächter

Punishment despite reasonable doubta public goods experiment with sanctions under uncertainty  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 7 (2010), pp. 847-867
with Kristoffel Grechenig and Andreas Nicklisch

Culture and cooperation  [doi] [pdf]
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 365, (2010), pp. 2651-2661
with Simon Gächter and Benedikt Herrmann
Measuring conditional cooperation: A replication study in Russia  [doi] [pdf]
Experimental Economics, 12 (2009), pp. 87-92
with Benedikt Herrmann

Antisocial punishment across societies  [doi] [pdf] [more]
Science, 319 (2008), pp. 1362-1367
with Benedikt Herrmann and Simon Gächter

Excess entry in an experimental winner-take-all market  [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 67 (2008), pp. 150-163
with Urs Fischbacher
Cournot competition and hit-and-run entry and exit in a teaching experiment [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Education, 37 (2006), pp. 418-430
with Simon Gächter and Jean-Robert Tyran

Cross-cultural differences in norm enforcement [doi] [pdf]
Comment on Henrich et al. 'Economic man' in cross-cultural perspective
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 28 (2005), pp. 822-823
with Simon Gächter and Benedikt Herrmann
Social learning and voluntary cooperation among like-minded people [doi] [pdf]
Journal of the European Economic Association, 3 (2005), pp. 303-314
with Simon Gächter

Trust, voluntary cooperation, and socio-economic background: Survey and experimental evidence [doi] [pdf]
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 55 (2004), pp. 505-531
with Simon Gächter and Benedikt Herrmann



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