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My Guide To Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos
- A Deadly Sin? -

Being born into a Christian family, I was always thought to never interfere with God's creation. In other words, never to get pierced, never to get tattooed etc. There was no such thing as Christian Tattoos! I was thought that the Bible said that tattooing was a sin. And so I thought for many many years....

In my teenage years I became more and more fascinated by underground arts (graffiti, tattoos etc) and I also became the lead singer in a Christian punk rock band. I was a rebellion and according to Leviticus 19:28 "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD."

So... Was I a Sinner? I didn't look at my self as a rebellion - I just did what I liked. Playing cool music and drawing nice pictures. Later I also became almost obsessed with Harley's and Customized Choppers, and today I'm the vice president of a female christian biker club in Oregon. Hehe .... ;)

My family didn't always approve what I did, but nowadays I think they've got used to me. I am who I am, and I am still an active Christian. Maybe not exactly the regular run of the mill - "I am so holy" Christian but I AM definitively a Christian. My biker club regularly do charity work, helping out in our community and raising funds to help "problem kids" in our town.

Christian Tattoos - The Ultimate Way To Show Your Love For God! 

Think about it...

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind." Matthew 22.

I love God. You Love God... Why shouldn't we show it to the world by tattooing us? In my view it is the Ultimate Way of showing our devotion and love to God and Jesus. It is an everlasting sign of Love.

Christian Tattoos Are Fine. There is nothing wrong about being Tattooed if you are a Christian!  


Christian Tattoos;

Tattoos Vs God - The Never-ending Story.

In Christian forums all over the internet, I see this subject. I think most of the kids, teens and young people understand tattooing and has nothing against it. It is often the elder people that find our tattoos hard to swallow.

Nina, one of my biker friends, once said that her tattoos were a "witness to others". I think it is such a beautiful way to put it... It is OUR way of showing the world that WE LOVE THE LORD!

Tanya, another of my biker friends, used to be a prostitute junkie in New Orleans before she woke up on the floor of a dirty motel room one morning, covered in blood. A guy had drugged her, raped her and tried to kill her. It was that day she realized that she had to change her way of living.

She was so close to death that morning... 
"I was walking on a path, towards a white light...Some kind of Gate," she recalls. "I could see a an angle standing there. He took my hand and said that it wasn't my turn yet. Go back. You have a second chance..."

One week later she came to a re-hab clinic and her path towards a new and better life in Oregon started...

She had a lot of satanic tattoos, skulls- and nude- tattoos that she now has covered up by extremely good looking Christian ones. Actually, I think she has some of the most beautiful Christian Tattoos I have ever seen!

I hope to convince her to post some pics of her here, but she currently says that her tattoos are too personal to show on a website... Which I totally respect and understand, BTW.

They are so beautiful.   Especially, I love the one she has on her back. It covers all of her upper back and is a giant multicolor drawing of Jesus on the Cross surrounded by a lot of small details ... It is sooooo Beautiful and such a great way to Honor The Lord, I think.
Christian Tattoos - Getting Ideas?
There are many places online to get ideas for new Christian Tattoos . There are websites such as, and that are really cool and have some nice ideas. The PROBLEM, the way I see it, with these sites is that you have to PAY to get the tattoo designs you want. You only get to watch small, and often blur, images of the various tattoos and you normally have to pay between $14,95-19,95 PER TATTOO!
I think that is a little bit stiff. Don't you?
I know, that I often have to print them out to see if they really are any cool. Sometimes I've printed maybe 5 or 6 tattoos before I've really found one that I like... With the sites above that would have cost me a lot of cash!
That is why, I and most people I know, use THIS SITE to get ideas for our Christian Tattoos. Not only does this website have a really cool name, but they also offer the internet biggest collection of tattoo designs, featuring a WIDE range of religious and christian tattoos. There is a ONE-TIME fee to join and once you have paid, you can access and downloads unlimited numbers of tattoo designs.
Please Place a Comment on this page if you have any questions and I'll try to answer as soon as I can.
God Bless,
Lisa Johansson
Vice President
Ladies Of The Lord MC