The early stages of an academic career are filled with questions.  Perhaps the most challenging for Christians are those that push us to understand how our faith intersects with our work.  The journey through these questions can be eased by the presence of a mentor who takes their faith seriously and is willing to share the experience and insight gained in their own career.  The goal of the CPS mentoring program is to make the connection process easier by providing a way for PhD students and junior scholars to find senior scholars who are willing to mentor them.

“Abraham Lincoln found a healthy role model in Mentor Graham, who influenced Lincoln more than other single person. Lincoln actually lived with Graham in New Salem, Illinois, for a six-month period. Sometimes they would sit together in the hayfield while Graham taught Lincoln or Lincoln recited to Graham. No wonder that all his life Lincoln spoke with great respect of “my old teacher.” One time, because Graham recommended a specific book to Lincoln, he walked six miles to borrow it, then six miles home. The book was Kirkham’s Grammar, one of the fullest books in the English language, but it shaped Lincoln’s prose style and even influenced the Gettysburg Address. By getting Lincoln interested in learning, by teaching him to think clearly and speak simply, Graham started Lincoln toward greatness. Such is the life-molding power of a mentor.” 

(From Lynn Anderson’s They Smell Like Sheet, page 51, volume 1, 1997, Howard Books)

 If you are a PhD student/junior scholar who would like a mentor or a senior scholar willing to serve as one, please contact Kim Conger ( Please provide your contact information, status, fields of interest, and a copy of your CV.

As an added benefit, we are pleased to announce two $250 scholarships for PhD students to attend the 2011 APSA Annual Meeting where they can meet with their mentors. Any graduate student who is a member of CPS can apply for these scholarships, but preference will be given to students who plan to meet with their mentors.