Conferences (formerly CEEC)

Bi-annually, we gather for a conference to present academic papers and share ideas on the interface of Christianity and engineering. 
On non-conference years, we hold a gathering at the ASEE annual conference (American Society for Engineering Education).

Our next conference will be in Seattle in 2015. Click here for updates.

Our colleague, Don Peter, from Seattle Pacific University offers these reflections on the bi-annual conferences:

My first CEEC was the first one held – 20 years ago under that able leadership and hosting of Calvin College. This is where I became much more aware of my colleagues in Christ who taught at such places as Messiah, Dordt, Andrews, Olivet, and John Brown. This is where I was personally encouraged and edified by the faith and dedication to Christian engineering education of the various fellow faculty members I met, including those who taught at public institutions, like my roommate in the Calvin dorm room, David Rogers from North Dakota State. Over the years I have not been able to attend every meeting, but those I have attended have never failed to be a time of inspiration and challenge. Sharing the joys, and sometimes sorrows, of our calling of helping to shape the professional and personal lives of some really great students has enriched my experience as a professor and I believe contributed to making me better at what I do.Our next gathering will be at ASEE 2014 in Indianapolis.


The tenth Christian Engineering Conference 2013 was held on June 26 to June 28, 2013 in Atlanta, GA on the campus of Georgia Tech.  Abstracts, proceedings, and some Powerpoint slides from the June 2013 conference can be found here.

Abstracts and Proceedings from the June 2011 conference can be found here.  Other conference highlights can be found here.


 Proceedings from prior conferences can be found at: