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James W. Tharp                       ITINERARY

Jim’s New Book, OUR HOLY GUEST

“Are you hungry for a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit? It will change your heart from resentment to rejoicing, from doubt to delight, from being downcast to dancing.”

“No matter what or who the devil has used to maneuver you into your state of undoneness, the Holy Spirit is calling you back to His fire. It is not a wild fire! It is not a fanatical fire! It is not a freakish fire! It is a holy fire—redeeming, refining, radiating, and renewing.”

“A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit will restore passion for prayer, power for witnessing, and purity in your inner being.”

After reading Our Holy Guest, be prepared to come away with inspiration, motivation, and power to lead a meaningful spiritual life.

Jim Tharp’s new book “Our Holy Guest” (162 pages) is now available to purchase. You may order online at for the cost of $11 plus shipping and the book will be sent directly to you. Or if you wish to order through CRM, you may order by phone (including texting): 406-579-4886; by; or by postal mail: CRM, P.O. Box 11406, Bozeman, MT 59719. Please give us your phone number in case there are questions about your order. The price is $11 per copy plus shipping; however, on orders for 5 or more copies, the price is $10.00 per copy. (Shipping can be figured by the table on the Resources insert.)