Restore Shalom/Wellbeing

When we first began our discussion of addiction we pointed out that addiction has 2 Engines: Pleasure pulls us into addiction, and Pain drives us there. Then we saw how messed up thinking and uncontrolled desires produces dysfunctional behavior which produces the pain in all 6 areas of Shalom. As we pursue the solution to overcoming addiction we have addressed transforming our minds and controlling our desires through transforming our character. Now we consider restoring balance to our lives and solving the problems behind the pain driving us to addiction.
The six areas described by the Biblical word Shalom are:
Thoughts and Beliefs

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Adam & Eve lost their Shalom:
Physical, process of death began; Gen 5 “and he died” repeated 8 times
Circumstances,  Kicked out of the Garden of Pleasure
Relationships, Ladies, how did Eve feel when Adam blamed her? Also, Cain & Abel
Mental, Distorted thinking about morality, pleasure, & wisdom
Emotional, guilt, shame, & fear
Spiritual, God no longer walked with them

God’s Path back to Shalom Numbers 6:22 – 27 (discussed in The Solution: a Biblical Paradigm for Transformation)
God’s Plan: Live Happy, Visit Healthy Highs, Resolve Hurts/Pain
Man’s Problem: Romans 1 – Insatiable Desires; Messed up Mind
Addiction Cycle
How do we get to “Happy”? Positive Thinking won’t do it * Bobby McFerrin “Don’t worry be happy”

The Blessing is administered by the High Priest
“The Lord” is repeated 3 times: Summary, Explanation of Blessing & Keeping
The Introduction/Summary: 
God will do what Adam failed to do: Guard
God will provide the resources to accomplish what Adam didn’t finish: Bless to Nourish, Fill, Subdue

The Blessing consists of 3 parts
God’s Provision: Graciousness
The Resulting Condition: Peace
The Means: God’s Positive Presence “His face…” (God’s Presence, Focus, Pleasure)
Grace is what God gives us that produces the experience of Peace/Shalom

The Blessing is administered by the High Priest (Christ is our High Priest who provides the blessing)

New Testament Counterpart: Letter’s Greetings (17 of 22 letters in NT)
From Knowledge of the Father/Son

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