The Process

Overcoming Addiction IS A PROCESS. Some try to make it an event: Get ‘Delivered’, Get ‘The Baptism of the Spirit’, Get ‘Entire Sanctification’. It reminds me of the fellow who was asked, “How are you?” and he responded, “I’m saved, sanctified, baptized, filled with the Holy Ghost, and trying to figure what’s next.”

That’s a person addicted to religious experiences – an addiction shift, not an addiction cure. That the cure takes time, concentration and effort is a good thing. If we could overcome addiction instantaneously, there would be nothing to stop us from getting back into it immediately. The hard work of transformation makes it more secure and permanent.


In this site, when we talk about Process, we do not mean Program. The 12 Steps are a program. It is a good program and has helped many people accomplish the process of escaping addictions. Those which recognize Jesus as their 'Higher Power', like Celebrate Recovery are fantastic. But it is possible to ‘do’ the program without really understanding the process. Many addicts try the 12 Steps, give up and write them off because they cannot connect them with an understanding of the process behind the program. The book of Proverbs is about knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; facts, principles, and application. It is one thing to obey rules, but another to understand what the rules are meant to accomplish. When we understand what is happening and why rules are instituted, it makes following them easier and much more productive.


More Comming Soon! My material is being edited before posting on the website. In the meantime, see the Summary for a quick overview of what is involved.