The Goals Of This Site Are:
    Help people overcome addictions through the power of Jesus Christ.
    Equip Christians to assist those who are struggling with addictions
    Present a Biblical model for understanding and overcoming addiction.


Getting 'High' is a Gift from God, But...

God’s Plan


Healthy Highs


Addictive Highs

Two engines power addiction: Desire and Pain.

 For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various desires and pleasures.... Titus 3:3 
"And those who are in Christ have crucified the flesh with its pains 1 and desires" Galatians 5:24

Desire focused on raw pleasure  pulls us into addiction.
Pain also drives us to addiction and keeps us there.

Neurobiology describes the addictive vulnerability of pain and desires. 12 Steps Programs address the need for spirituality, honesty, and commitment, and deal with how to resolve some of the kinds of pain addicts experience. Christians use Scripture to support the 12 steps and show their Biblical relevance and through this give tremendous help to many people. But some important pieces are still missing. This site offers a theology integrating the concept of addiction with the doctrine of sin and the sin nature, salvation, and sanctification. It discusses what healthy looks like. It describes what healthy highs are, what distinguishes healthy highs from addictive highs. and explains how to experience joy in a consistent and godly manner.


This site combines solid Biblical study, insights from science and the recovery movement and practical experience from being in the trenches with addicts.

People learn how to:

Visit Healthy Highs
Live Happy and
Resolve Hurts


Crucial to overcoming addiction is
    Learn how to resolve pain,
    Establish spiritual and mental wellbeing - shalom/homeostasis/serenity.
    Develop healthy engagement of pleasure and joy
Shalom is a Hebrew word translated 'peace'. However, it is much broader than what we usually think of by the word peace; it encompasses well-being of the total person. This site presents a Christian perspective to attain freedom from addiction through shalom. This model deals with six areas of our lives where we can experience pain, wellbeing, and healthy highs: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, circumstantial, and relational.
  • Experience New Life Through Jesus Christ
  • Know And Walk Out The Practical Steps Of How To Handle Emotional Pain Through Forgiveness,
  • Reconciliation With God And Others
  • Being Transformed In Our Lifestyle Through Being Renewed In Our Mind.
  • Understand How To Replace Guilt, Shame And Fear With An Understanding Of Our New Identity In Christ, A Godly Self-Concept, And Competency In Christ.
  • Develop Realistic And Biblical Beliefs Concerning Morality, Pleasure, And Lifestyle Wisdom.
  • Appropriate Holy Spirit Empowerment For Godly Character And Self-Control
  • Learn Practical Coping Skills For Resolving And Managing the many different kinds of Pain we experience in the 6 areas of Shalom
  • Discover Healthy Patterns And Skills For Deep Joy In God, In Life, And Relationships.

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While most translations use 'passions' the other occurrences of this word in the New Testament and Greek world translate it suffering or pain.