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What Is Your Paradigm?

by John Ault
What is your paradigm?

Your model, your pattern, your rules for life?

The guidelines you use to reach your goal, form your goal,

keep out of life’s hole, give meaning to your soul?

What will guide you through the good times and the bad,

the easy and the hard, the happy and the sad?

When your gut is tied up in knots, what will bring release?

When you stand at death’s door, what will give you peace?


What is your paradigm?

A pair a dimes? a dollar bill?

A rollercoaster ride on Wall Street to find your thrill?

In a car going up and down with the bulls and bears

but if you crash no one cares

‘cause they can make a profit if someone looses,

and it might as well be you, cause that’s their paradigm, and its a lot of bull.


What is your paradigm?


You sniff it, you smoke it, you shoot it, you swallow it...

Many ways to imbibe the stuff,

But the problem is, you can never get enough.

You get on the train, and you take your ride,

And everything is beautiful in the countryside.

But your problems are still there when you’re done,

and bigger now than when you begun.


What is my paradigm?

I got it from a Carpenter.  He told me the world is upside down,

And if I want to be right side up, I must turn myself around

and rearrange

and live a life others think strange.

I’ve got to die if I want to live.

If I want to receive, I’ve got to give.

The only part of the world that’s eternally real

is the stuff people can’t see or steal.

He told me the key to ecstasy

Its faithfulness, not promiscuity.

The only way I can possibly be able to forgive, is to be forgiven.

Sometimes you’ve got to go through hell on earth if you want to get to heaven.

Doin’ my own thing only lets my passions enslave me

While serving the Carpenter lets me attain my destiny.

That’s my paradigm.


What is your paradigm?

Will it amount to anything at the end of time?