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by John Ault
Please help me understand.

I’m an immigrant who never moved.

Only, my world moved to the past

and left me stranded in the future

where everyone speaks a language I can’t comprehend.

Pierced and painted bodies wear uncomfortable and embarrassing clothes,

and fill their bellies with strangely spiced McDelicacies

and I wonder how they can swallow them at all.


Families have metamorphasized into peer groups

that sit at a bar instead of a kitchen table

where they bond with chemicals and use people.

Intimate relationships are now only experienced with far-away strangers

and faces are replaced with phones, screens,and keyboards.


The crucifix around the neck has been traded

for a piece of sparkling rectangular plastic with a black strip on the back -

a magic genie that grants their every wish,

making God extinct like dinosaurs and morality.


As I enter this new land I am greeted by the sign,

“Welcome to our country. Enjoy our magnificent progress.


Life Isn’t What It Used To Be

John Ault

Life isn’t what it used to be with abortion, twin tower terrorism, suicide bombers and the Middle East

The old days were better they say,

with WWII and Joseph Stalin, a holocaust, nuclear bombs and the KKK.


Now we’ve got kids strung out on stuff like marijuana, crack cocaine and heroine.

It makes the older generation so nervous they have to take an extra valium.


They say pierced and painted bodies are a disgrace,

And then spend tons of money for makeup, potions and lotions to hide odors and paint a pale face.


Johnny Cash dressed in black for a reason and he was a hero.

Goths dress in black for a reason and they’re called “Weirdo!”


Is the status quo the standard of what is right and sensible?

Is change and different inherently reprehensible?

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder,

Or only in the eye of those who are older?


Is one generation right and the other wrong?

Or is each one just blind to its own sins?