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A Case for Holiness

by John Ault


I was a prude.

I didn’t cuss, I didn’t swear

I didn’t smoke and I didn’t chew

and I never went with girls who do.

I was so square

you could cut yourself on my edges.

But I wasn’t holy.


Always being nice.

Doing what is good,

Doing what I should,

That isn’t holy either.

Because its just doing what a hypocrite could.


When purity got fused with pride

goodness died.

It became an outward shell of hypocrisy with rottenness inside.


Sin is not an arbitrary list

of fun we’ve kissed


just to placate some celestial Scrooge in the sky.


Holiness is more than a deed done,

Its a heart that’s one

with God.

Its doing the good because you love

what is right

and good

and pure.