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Dear Visitor,

thank you for your interest in the Christian Professionals networking group.

This group exists in order to facilitate a better LinkedIn networking experience to Christians. Our hope is that this group in combination with LinkedIn might help you to better network with other Christian professionals and grow in your relationship with our Lord as one of His Kids.
A rule which we strictly enforce is that we allow absolutely no commercial advertising of any kind, hidden or open, in our discussion  pages. This includes requests for linking, job searches, blog ads, etc. On rare occasions a manager will pre-approve a general post, based on a request and adequate justification.
We exist to glorify God and enjoy the company of His Kids through discussion of topics leading to better relationships with Him and with fellow Believers across the world.

If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and want to reflect this in your professional environment as well - you are welcome to become a member of this group.

This group will not make you a Christian, so be aware, that not all members of this group are necessarily Christians in your (or even our) sight.

In order to request approval, please press the following link:

The Lord bless you,

Aric Resnicke,

for the Management Team




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