A Sampling of Prophet/Priest/King Teaching

Read in their own words. As you read, you may hear some things that strike you as positive. But ask yourself: Is this what I want for my daughter? Is this a healthy masculinity we want Christianity to be promoting here and around the world? Is this a healthy use of the Bible?

A husband can stand on the shoulders of others as he fulfills his prophetic responsibility to declare the truth of the Scriptures to his wife. He confronts sin and calls his wife to repentance . . . First, confronting sin and calling a wife to repentance may rock the domestic boat. A husband may decide he doesn't want to incur his wife's wrath. But he needs to obey God's call regardless of how his wife will respond. He may also fail to confront his wife ' s sin because he has a soft view of what it means to love her. Pointing out sin seems harsh and judgmental, not loving. But our example here is Christ, who loves us too much to overlook our sin. The same Prophet who wept over Jerusalem, pronouncing judgment on Israel, comes to us today by His Holy Spirit to convict us of our sin and to lead us to righteousness. If we begin to understand the consequences of sin for ourselves and for future generations, we will not think it loving to ignore or overlook our wives ' ongoing patterns of sinful behavior.

— Dennis Rainey, ed. with Wayne Grudem, John Piper, Bob Lepine, C.J. Mahoney, et al, Building Strong Families

Not exactly an image of mutuality or partnership . . .

A husband is to be the family prophet. He represents God to his wife (and, by extension, his family, the fruit of their union). When his wife reacts emotionally, he calms her with God's wisdom. He proclaims the gospel of faith to his family. He provides biblical instruction and training to his wife and children without becoming legalistic. He prepares family devotions and encourages private devotions. He is the arbiter of family values. He insists on regular church attendance. He is a messenger from God to his family. A husband is to be the family priest. He represents his wife and children to God. He spends time in prayer each day remembering the needs and concerns of his wife. He prays for the salvation of his children. Like Job, he asks the Lord to forgive the sins of his children. He sets the spiritual temperature in the home. He sacrifices his life for theirs. He is a mediator to God for his family. A husband is to be the family king. He provides for the needs of his family. He works diligently to earn enough for food and shelter. He administers discipline with fairness. He quickly forgives and overlooks offenses. He acts in a manner worthy of receiving honor. He treats his wife with consideration and respect. He is careful not to be harsh with her. He is a provider for his family.

Husbands are to be the anointed spiritual leaders of their wives. God has anointed you to lead your wife as her prophet, priest and king. Because of the fall, your wife, according to Genesis 3:1 has a desire for you that is best rendered "a desire that borders on disease." http://www.charismamag.com/spirit/devotionals/loving-god?view=article&id=18610:exploring-a-husband-s-role-as-a-prophet-priest-andking&catid=1540
Every father hath the care of souls upon him. He is prophet, king, and priest in his own house, and from these will appear his duty. First, he is a prophet to teach and instruct his family. Wives are bid to learn at home of their husbands (1Co 14:35); then surely they are to teach them at home . . . Again, he is a king in his house to rule his family in the fear of God... Lastly, he is a priest in his own house; and where there is a priest, there must be a sacrifice. https://ncfic.org/blog/posts/father_as_prophet_king_priest_william_gurnall_1616_1679

So much for the "priesthood of all believers" . . .

So much for intimacy and friendship . . . Would you want to married to this "priest"? A barrel of fun . . .

Groom them young . . .

Yikes, even just the ideas themselves ring in my ears as spiritual abuse . . . How would all these words above sound in the ears of a girl or woman recovering from abuse? How would they sound to your daughter? How do they sound to you? To your soul? To me, they sound like a human rights violation waiting to happen, like a dangerous consolidation of power in the hands of a mere mortal. And in a world where the Girl Child is so beaten down yet bravely rising up to claim her full humanity, it is a crime that we are exporting these ideas around the world. Not surprisingly, many of the leaders of this preeminent masculinity movement are in fact embroiled in sexual/spiritual abuse scandals including some involving children and general charges of "increasingly corrupt and abusive leadership cultures".

If we as Christians want to be part of the solution of creating a more just world for girls to grow up in and thrive and flourish, we have to start with ourselves and make sure we are not complicit in the problem.

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