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Writing Experience

Published articles, short stories and speaking engagements:

*Pubished Youth/Fantasy novel, iUniverse, Inc. August, 2003

     Journey To Thélo – Winner of The Ancient Paths Novel Writing Contest, 2005.

*Christian Miracles Anthology, 

 (2005) Josiah’s Miracle (essay)

*Precepts for Living, curriculum

     -Witness of Power (essay), 2005/06 edition

     -Jesus, The Great I Am (essay), 2006/07 edition

     -Assignment: Light on the Word article for radio & newsletter, Sept. 2005

*Speaking engagements:      -Columbia Heights Assembly of God (Spring Conference, 2003 and 2004)

     +Nutrition on a Budget (workshop)

-Oak Hills Baptist Women's Ministry Retreat

      +Imagination in Meditation

*Newsletter, Julie Bonn Heath, www.juliebonnheath.com

     Smell the Roses  (article) 2003

*Romancing the Christian Heart, www.romancingchristianheart.com

     Wedding Plans for Sarah (short story) 2003

*Received Honorable Mention in the Written Wisdom Short Story Contest. Knit Together In Love, (short story) published in the February 2003 edition

*Alternative Ideas Magazine, www.AIMagazine.us

  Articles:  2001-2002

     -Eating Raw

     -Eating Organic on a Budget


*Published Newsletter for Mothers, 1997 – 2001, A Mother’s Touch: including articles on nutrition, inspiration, birth and children’s stories*Publish Newsletter for Columbia Heights Assembly of God Women's Ministry                                   *Current Blog, The Christian Naturalist (see link below)


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Morning Star Rising,  three-book series, Terri's current work in process

“After more than a decade, Little Feather’s vision becomes reality, 
but can she live with its revelation?”

Medicine Wheel (working title only): Abused and rejected, Little Feather finds comfort through an old medicine woman and the hope of her vision’s fulfillment. But when a white stranger arrives with his foreign god and her vision unfolds the results could tear her tribe and her heart in two.

Medicine Wheel is the first Native American Romance in the three book series Morning Star Rising. The second book, Urban Healer, features Little Feather’s daughter, Morning Star, as she tries to take the natural healing ways of her mother into an urban setting (Minneapolis) and discovers God has a plan far bigger than she imagined. The third, still untitled, book follows Morning Star’s son to Iowa where he is the pastor of a small congregation. Confronted by an activist from California who protests the farmers in his church, he becomes a bridge between the two and falls for the fiery environmentalist in the process.

The third book, Unnamed, in the Morning Star Rising series follows Morning Star's son to a farming community in Iowa. As he pastors a small church of mostly farmers he learns disturbing things about the way farmers treat the land God created. But God has taught him to tread lightly. He will love them and pray that God will lead them. All is going well until a fiery environmentalist from California arrives with reporters in hand to expose the situation. Can he continue to be passive about his beliefs with the farmers or his faith with this activist? And why is he so drawn to this unsaved naturalist?



Journey to Thélo is a youth, fantasy novel. Peter discovers a new world outside the mountain caves which have always been his home. The light is blinding but beautiful as Peter discovers the advantages to a life guided by moral values. Peter must seek the help of Elzene, King of Thélo, in obeying the planet's lifeguides. Journey to Thélo, published by iUniverse is now available to order. It is available for publication with a traditional publisher. 

  • Journey to Thélo wins award!

    • Journey to Thélo, by Terri Thompson, took first place in the Ancient Paths Print-On-Demand Novel Contest. Here's what Editor Skylar Burris had to say, "The story moves quickly and the allegory is obvious without being overbearing." Check out his full review here.

  • Click the picture below to order Journey to Thélo from amazon.com.


You may also order from www.bn.com, from your local bookstore or find it on the shelf at Northwestern Books

ISBN: 0-595-28393-4                   

only   $10.95


Fantasy novel, The River’s Edge.  Edward's world is crashing down around him.  The farm he loves is about to be lost, the woman he planned to marry is leaving him and his father has changed since his experience of last summer.  Sahida is the one bright light in Edward's life.  Daughter of his Gypsy foreman, Sahida is beautiful and mysterious.  She possesses an unshakable faith that will carry them both through the greatest trials of their lives.   Together they fight the lies of invisible dragons, learn the truth about a legendary king and find safety in each other's arms.


Children’s Warfare Series, short stories illustrating the simplicity of using Scripture to fight the lies of Satan.


Short Youth Skits portraying simple, Christian morals lived out in every day life. Unpublished.


An historical fiction novel for middle readers, Deceiver or King is set in the time of Christ. The son of a Pharisee in Jerusalem discovers the truth about Jesus. But what will his father say? Young readers join Yosi in an adventure and learn about the Bible and Jesus in the process. (This is the first novel Terri wrote. It needs some attention before any publishers see it. One day she'll get back to it.)