Lilias Trotter Digitization Foundation

Letting Lilias Trotter's Public Domain Works Bless Freely

Below are (in zips) a few scans of  some of Lilias's tracts. Sadly these are the best scan's I have, if you are interested in typing any of them in that would be very nice. If you email me the typed out text (christianelibrary at gmail dot com) I will post it here, and it will be much easier for people to read. Also if you have access to any of her not yet available works or drawings and are willing to provide scans that would be great.

The Public Domain status of the following tracts has also not yet been the dates are not properly on them. I think they are Public Domain, if you can verify this please let me know. If they aren't Public Domain I don't think the Algiers Mission Band (now Arab World Ministries) will mind there being up here--if I am mistaken please inform me.

The following tracts have already been typed out:
Parables of the Cross, and Parables of the Christ Life are available on Project Gutenberg.  The Way Of the Sevenfold Secret is available from, both in English and Arabic. You can find them all by doing a Google search.