A Christian is someone who has sincerely chosen to believe that Jesus Christ (the messiah, Yeshua in Hebrew), as described in the Bible, really exists and:
that He really is God come to earth as a man, having been conceived in, and born of, the virgin Mary - that He was conceived through the Holy Spirit's supernatural actions in Mary and not through sex;
and that in this way Jesus Christ came to earth and lived here to proclaim the truth to us;
and then die on a cross in order to take our punishment of death for what we do wrong, upon Himself, and be the one final sacrifice for all our sins;
so that we can be forgiven by God by sincerely choosing to stop not believing in, and therefore not obeying God, to believing in and therefore obeying Him (we strive to obey Him because we believe Him). 
    A Christian then also becomes someone who realizes:
that without God's help we can't help but sin;
and therefore cannot earn our forgiveness from God by our own efforts to not sin at all, but can only be forgiven by God because of His grace and mercy and sacrifice instead of how good we are.
    A Christian is also someone who chooses to love God and His ways above all else. 
    God loves us so much that He provided Himself as the way for us to choose to stop doing things our way and do our best to do things his way; 
and therefore through our repentance and belief in Him, be forgiven by Him;
and have an everlasting relationship with Him, so that He can take care of us and help us be what He created us to be.
God forgives us and establishes full access to a family relationship with Him when we choose to believe and love Him;
and the sincerity of our belief is proven by the fact that we take action to live by what we believe. 
    All this is the start of being a Christian.
Warning! The rest of the pages of this web site are based on the assumption that the reader has already sincerely chosen to believe, and love Christ Jesus, as has been described here; and are therefore ready to be coached to mature as a Christian. As Jesus did, they will test the sincerity of your faith. If you are not a Christian, of course you can read them, and perhaps God will use them to help you. If you want to go on click here on Table of Contents