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Ministry to the Incarcerated

Book Description

In Ministry to the Incarcerated, Dr. Covert uses his experiences as both police officer and retired state prison chaplain to examine the problems of the incarcerated, specifically the stressors which are obstacles to a prisoner's personal and spiritual development.  In his analysis he provides both secular and biblical themes that promote penal reform and offender rehabilitation.
Ministry to the Incarcerated also provides instructional outlines for staff and volunteers, as well as Dr. Covert's experience being the chaplain for Pennsylvania's first execution in thirty-three years.
This book has received endorsements from the American Correctional Association, Journal of Pastoral Care, Prison Fellowship International, Yokefellows International, Coalition of Prison Evangelists and the American Chaplaincy Training School at Taylor University.  It has also been endorsed by numerous volunteer groups, prison administrators, the academic community and religious groups.
This book is for everyone who  has an interest in law enforcement, the penal system, and rehabilitation and ministry in the prison system.

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