Study 7 – The Holy Spirit: His Person and Work

This is only the briefest outline. Before we start, write down a list of what comes to mind when you hear the words 'Holy Spirit'.

This study concentrates on the central features of the Holy Sprit's person and work.

The Holy Spirit's Person

He is a person, God, the third person of the Trinity, proceeding forth from the Father and the Son. Let's look at each of these ideas in turn.

The Holy Spirit is a person

It is most important not to think of him as a 'force' or energy. Six biblical reasons for believing he is a person:

a) He is referred to as a person.

b) He is affected by the actions of others.

c) He performs acts proper to a person.

d) His name is mentioned alongside other people.

e) He has personal characteristics.

f) He is distinguished from his power.

The Holy Spirit is a divine person

[Again just look up (a) and leave the rest for personal study]

a) Spoken of as God.

b) Divine actions associated with him.

c) Divine attributes.

d) Associated with other persons of the Godhead.

[The Holy Spirit proceeds from both the Father and the Son]

- not one or the other.

The Holy Spirit's work

The Holy Spirit was promised to believers by Christ

He was specifically and historically poured out as promised at Pentecost.

The work of the Holy Spirit is presented like this in Scripture:

    • The Father plans

    • The Son carries out the plan,

    • The Spirit applies the work of Christ.

Yet because God is one, each is involved in the others activities. There is an inter-penetration of role, e.g. Romans 8:9-11.

Aspects of the Holy Spirit's work

a) His work in creation.

b) His work in communicating God's truth.

c) He is involved in Christ's work.

d) His work in human beings is extensive.

Questions to consider

1) Can you be a Christian and not have the Holy Spirit?

    • No ( without the Spirit there is no life and you cannot please God.

    • Romans 8:9

2) Does the Spirit of God live within Christians?

3) How can you tell the Holy Spirit has produced the new birth in you?

4) Are all Christians baptised in the Holy Spirit?

5) How can we tell we have the Holy Spirit?

6) Do all Christians have the same gifts?

    • No (gifts are not primarily for the individual's benefit, but for the benefit of the church community and therefore need to be varied and used for the good of the community.

    • Romans 12:4-8; 1 Corinthians 12:10,11,27


The Holy Spirit gives new life and brings a person to faith in Christ, uniting them to Christ and all his benefits. He makes the believer part of Christ's body. He indwells and seals the believer. As the Holy Spirit lives in the believer, he produces growth in grace and holiness of life. He empowers the Christian for service by giving different gifts.