Study 2 – The Living God

Why is knowing God important?

In the group ask this question and listen to the answers.

If you are doing this course on your own write down why it is important.

Then look up John 17:3 and see what Jesus says.

How can man know God?

1. We have hints God is there in :

God has made us in his image and remnants of that likeness remain. Most human beings in history have believed in 'some-one greater'. Atheism requires real effort!

2. We know what he is like and what he expects from us by his Special Revelation, i.e.

    • (a) God has spoken to us in his word.

    • (b) God has come to us and spoken to us.

Look up Hebrews 1:1-3. What does it tell us about God speaking to us?

What does the Bible say God is like?

1. God is Spirit:

2. God is a Person:

    • (a) He has a personal name. Exodus 3:14-15 (Why is LORD in small capitals?)

    • (b) He has revealed himself in a personal form. John 14:6-9

3. God is perfect ( free from all limitations and imperfections.

4. God is one.

5. God is triune. Matthew 28:19 ( 'one God, three persons each co-equal and of the same substance'

Think about what these mean. How do you cope with statements like Exodus 3:20?

What are the attributes or characteristics of this God?

In a group, brainstorm on a board or card; on your own, write down what God is like. Then look up as many of the texts you have time for and write in the attribute it speaks about.

God in relationships - God is defined in terms of a relationship, e.g. Father, Shepherd. e.g. Malachi 2:10 Psalm 23:1

God's qualities - e.g. 1 Corinthians 1:9; 1 John 4:8-9; James 1:17; Malachi 3:6;

Daniel 4:35; Psalm 139:7-10; Hebrews 4:13; Isaiah 6:3; Psalm 99:4; John 3:36; Isaiah 28:29

[Great passages to read about God - Psalm 103; Isaiah 40:10-31; Romans 11:33-36; 1Timothy 6:15-16 - Read and ponder them.

How can man approach or know such a God?

We need a go-between, a mediator, and Jesus Christ is that.

As God is so great how should Christians approach him?

[When do you approach him?]

Once more look up the verses and think, 'How do I personally do that?'