Study 13 – Where do I go from here?

If you have just completed the series of twelve studies,

ask Yourself: 'Am I A Christian?'

Am I involved in a local bible teaching church? You ought to be as a Christian. Such a church will help you grow in understanding and help you to serve God.

If you are not a Christian. It is important you remember it is a matter of life or death. Urgently seek God through Jesus Christ. If you would like more reading material please see the book list.

If you would like more help with any of the topics here is a book list. (E) is for easy reading. After each book title the name of the author and publisher are given. All the books are uncomplicated in style:

(A). To know more about the Christian faith.

Right with God. (E) John Blanchard (Banner of Truth).

Will the real Jesus please stand up. John Blanchard (Evangelical Press).

Coming to faith in Christ. (E) John Benton. (Banner of Truth).

(B). About The Bible.

Nothing but the Truth. Brian Edwards. (Evangelical Press).

Profiting from the Word. (E) A.W Pink. (Banner of Truth).

(C). About God.

Knowing God. J.I.Packer (Hodder and Stoughton).

Attributes of God. A.W Pink.

Sovereignty of God. A.W Pink (Banner of Truth).

The Three in One. (E) S.Olyott (Evangelical Press)

(D). About Jesus Christ.

Son of Mary Son of God. (E) S.Olyott. (Evangelical Press)

Beauty of Jesus. C. Pond (Grace Publications).

(E). About Man.

The Christian view of Man. J. Gresham Machen (Banner of Truth).

(F). God's Work in Salvation.

Redemption Accomplished and Applied. Murray. (Banner of Truth).

The Plan of Salvation. Warfield. (Simpson).

(G). Christ's Death and Resurrection.

Life by His Death. John Owen. (Grace Publications).

The Glory of Christ. Peter Lewis. (Hodder).

(H). The Holy Spirit.

Living with the Living God. Owen and Smeaton. (Grace Publications).

Holy Spirit. Palmer. (Butler).

(I). Saving Faith.

Faith a Gift of God. Wells. (Banner of Truth).

Roots of True Faith. (E) Guthrie. (Grace Publications).

Not Guilty. Buchanon. (Grace Publications).

(J). Living the Christian Life.

Walking with God. (E) J.C. Ryle. (Grace Publications).

Aspects of Holiness. (E) J.C. Ryle. (Grace Publications).

What Happens When I Pray. Goodwin Palmer. (Grace Publications).

Prayer. Bunyan. (Banner of Truth).

(K). Heaven and Hell.

Heaven is a Far Better Place. E. Davies (Evangelical Press).

Whatever happened to Hell? Blanchard. (Evangelical Press).

(L). The Church.

Life and Work of the Local Church. Davies. ( Hughes and Colman).

God's plan for the Local Church. Lacey. (Grace Publications).

(M). Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Should babies be Baptised. Watson. (Grace Publications).

I want to be Baptised. Lane. (Grace publications).

Water, Bread and Wine. Naylor. (Grace publications).

(N). Reviews of Christian Truth.

The Christian Life. Ferguson. (Banner of Truth).

Training for Triumph. Blanchard. (Evangelical Press).