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The Mime

The Mime "Christian Ackerman", has performed the art of pantomime and slapstick comedy for over 15 years. He has been apart of First Night Missoula for over 10 years and still enjoys doing on acts around his local town in Missoula, Stevensville, and Hamilton, Montana.

You can contact Christian to book a performance at your event by contacting at (406) 370-1432

The Actor

Acting in local commercials and shows as well as on his TV Show on Local Access Television or in his independent award winning films and on stage; Christian has performed over the years in comedy and dramatic productions.

He can be contacted at (406) 370-1432 or through Jules Model and Talent Agency (406) 829-6474

ICE Productions

Independent Cinema Entertainment Productions has brought true independent movies and performing arts to its audience. From award winning films like "Catastrophic Denouement" and "Midnight Mansion House of Haunts" movies that caught the eye of many even while being very low-budget-no-budget type films.

Always Dreaming Up New Ideas

While working at MCAT and heading up MCAT's MovieClub Christian has helped fuel events such as the Interactive Movie Theater, Audio Visual Ride Space Taxi, Hologram galleries, and film festivals bringing the spirit of community and team work to entertain the masses.


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