Volunteer Opportunities


1- Rectory Restoration
- Inside the Rectory many walls, ceilings and some floors need refurbishing.
We need someone to take charge and determine what is needed, the possible costs and to establish a timetable for the next three years.
Again we need someone to take charge of this work. This work needs to be completed
before the end of May.

2 – Rectory Grounds
- On a Saturday in late April or early May we need to do a general clean
up around the rectory including pruning bushes and trees. We need about six to eight volunteers and someone to organize & supervise this work.

3 - Parish Hall
- Over the next five years we should replace all the windows with energy
efficient, double or triple glazed windows. The current windows are the original 1957 single glazed windows. Again we need someone to research what is needed, including the cost. Time frame for a proposal, the end of August.

Many Hands Make Light Work

To volunteer, please sign up on the chart at the front of the Church or contact your the church office.


We are in need of outgoing persons to act as greeters and sides persons. If you can assist in this ministry, please speak to Ken Maynard.

Crucifers for Liturgy

If you are interested, the Ministry volunteer job description is available in the Narthex.


The choir practices on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. All enthusiastic singers are welcome.

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