Vaughan Food Bank

March is canned fruit.

April is canned stew.



Collection Ministries

Please continue to put aside and bring in the following items:
pop tabs
outdated reading glasses

Outreach Initiatives of ACW

Each year the women of Christ Church Woodbridge, through their diverse fund raising activities, make various donations to several worthy causes such as:

- The Mission to Seafarers, a missionary, society, caring for the spiritual and practical welfare of seafarers of all races and creeds and their families.
- The Teresa Group, an organization that serves children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families, providing practical assistance and emotional support through professional staff and trained volunteers at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and other community agencies.
- The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine ministers to the sick through pastoral care at St. John's Rehabilitation Hospital, looks after the elderly, and offers quiet days, retreats, missions and workshops.
- The Vaughan Food Bank provides non-perishable food to the people of Vaughan who are in need of assistance during difficult times. They also contribute food to several community organizations that assist people unable to prepare their own meals.
- The Diocese of the Arctic Although we remain very interested in the efforts to rebuild St. Jude’s Cathedral we have decided to send a donation to the Bishop of the Arctic to be used at his discretion. The needs are many.
- Moorelands Camp gives inner city children the opportunity to experience nature in a fun camp setting. Christ Church is assisting the camp this year by
collecting items for the Health Centre and Cabin Activity boxes.
- The Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada was supported this year through a donation following our participation in the World Day of Prayer Service which is observed in more than 170 countries. The service for 2012 will be written by the women of Malaysia on the theme "Let Justice Prevail".

As well as our outreach Christ Church ACW supports our Diocesan ACW by sending a monetary commitment each year to assist in their day to day work.

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