Parish Vision

Your Story,
Our Stories,
God’s Story.
Let’s find where they meet.

Lenton Bible Studies

 Lenten Bible Studies will start on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 pm at Woodbridge United Church.  They will continue

weekly until April 16th.

Choir Practice

Choir Practice is held every Wednesday @ 7:30 in the lounge.  All enthusiastic singers welcome.

Readers Needed

Please contact the office if you are willing to read for the Sunday Services.  Thank you. 

Church Calendars

Calendars are available from the office for $5.00.


Gift Card Sale

It was decided that the gift cards will continue once a month. Jackie Lue will take the
orders to the 3rd Sunday of every month. This fundraiser is to continue the work of
the Lighthouse Project, more specifically, replacing the windows in the Upper Hall.

Please note:   all the orders and cheques should be given directly to Jackie or

left in her mailbox in the church office.

The Church Needs Many Hands!

The Warden's have a list of fun and exciting projects needing done around the church
and rectory. Please check the list located in the church and if you see a ministry that
fits your time, energy and skill level, please add your name.

Would you like to be more involved with the Sunday Service?

Father Mark and the Worship Team are looking for Servers and Crucifers to help with
the 10:00 a.m. service. Job descriptions for these ministries can be found in the Narthex.
Please talk to Fr. Mark if you would like to be a part of the team.

Weekly Bible Readings

Readings for March 17:  Genesis 15:  1 – 12, 17 – 18, Psalm 27, Philippians 3:  17 – 4: 1, Luke 13, 31 – 35.

Readings for March 24:  Isaiah 55:  1 – 9,  Psalm 63:  1 – 8, 1 Corinthians 10:  1 - 13, Luke 13, 1 – 9.


Fire Hydrant – In case we have an emergency, please do not park within 3 metres (10 feet) of the fire hydrant. The fine in the City of Vaughan is $100.00.


Christ Church Woodbridge
8045 Islington Avenue, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1W4
Phone/Fax: 905-851-0718
Email: christchurchanglican1@bellnet.ca