Trinity Church Xmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve 2007 at Trinity Church Wall Street

Click to watch a festive Holy Eucharist from Trinity Church Wall Street marking Christmas Eve 2007, featuring a Choral Prelude & Carol Sing. Music by the Trinity Choir, with Rebel Baroque Orchestra, Owen Burdick (conductor) including Messe de Minuit pour Noël, Marc-Antoine Charpentier.  Click to download the complete programme with notes. Click and hold button sliding it to desired selection.

The service begins with the organ voluntary, Der Tag, der is so freundenreich, S. 605, J.S. Bach, performed on the Marshall & Ogletree, opus No. 1, virtual pipe organ (00:01);                                                     then the singing of Once in David's Royal City (02:54)                                followed by carols alternating with the motet O Magnum Mysterium in versions by                                                                                                      Victoria (07:12),                                                                                           Poulenc (14:50),                                                                                          de Morales (22:10)                                                                                       and Lauridsen (29:15),                                                                                 then the Gloria (48:50),                                                                                Kenneth Leighton, Lulla, lulla, You tiny Child (01:28:00);                        John Gardner, Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (1:31:40); Sanctus/Benedictus (01:37:45);                                                                 Agnus Dei (01:44:18);                                                                                 Herbert Howells, Here is the little door (01:48:25),                                 A spotless rose is blowing (01:52:00),                                                      Sing lullaby(01:55:30);                                                                               Louis Vierne, Pièces de fantasie, troisième  suite, op. 54, Carillon de Westminster (02:09:23).