Trinity Church Opus 1
 Trinity Church

 Anniversary of 9/11:  One of the lesser known tragedies of 9/11 was the damage done, principally by dust and debris, to the magnificent Aeolian-Skinner organ in Trinity Church, Wall Street.  


At first considered as a stop gap measure, it was eventually decided to replace the Aeolian-Skinner with a state-of-the art virtual pipe organ.



The Marshall & Ogletree “Opus 1” digital organ was designed specifically for Trinity Church and installed in 2003. 


It uses digital samples of real pipe organ timbres, played through a computerized audio system and nearly 100 speakers hidden behind dummy pipes (NYTimes).


The organ has six divisions, 85 drawknobs on each console, for a total of 170 stops, 240 voices, and 80 audio channels.  The organ has two consoles, one located in the front of the church near the altar and the other at the rear in the choir loft.


Click to learn more about Trinity’s new organ.


Click  to see and hear Cameron Carpenter perform works of Bach, Carpenter, Ellington, Franck and Grainger in a two-hour concert inaugurating the 2007 organ series at Trinity Church (Click for programme).  


Click to choose other entire 2007 recitals (programmes available) by Nathan Laube, Tom Trenney, Felix Hell, Alan Morrison and Paul Jacobs.   Click for shot bios. 


Click to see and hear earlier complete recitals by Alexander Fiseisky, Sean Jackson, Jean-Christophe Geiser, Jeremy Filsell, Alexander Frey and Cameron Carpenter (Click for the complete programme for these recitals).