Tribus Miraculis Marenzio text

Marenzio’s sacred works are less well known than his madrigals, but their characteristics are the same: outstanding verbal imagery and subtle symbolism. “Tribus miraculis” dates from 1585 and is scored for four voices. The musical highlights of this piece are to be found in the astonishing changes in texture: the florid setting of the opening text (describing the ‘three miracles’) is scored for three voices; two upper parts represent the star leading to the manger; there is an appropriate, startling change at the words ‘today water was changed into wine’; and there are inspired chromatic alterations at the description of the baptism ‘by John in the Jordan’ and again at the words ‘our salvation’. By way of a spectacular finale, Marenzio provides an unusual sequential ‘alleluia’ to complete this vocal tour de force. (source lost)  

Latin text:

Tribus miraculis ornatum,
diem sanctum colimus:
Hodie stella magos duxit ad praesepium:
Vinum ex aqua factum est adnuptias:
Hodie a Joanne Christus baptizari voluit,
ut salvaret nos,

English Text:

We celebrate a day sanctified by three miracles:                                        Today a star led the Wise Men to the manger;                                                  Today water was changed into wine at the marriage feast;                               Today Christ chose to be baptized by John in the Jordan for our salvation. Alleluia.