Ralph Vaughan Williams: O Vos Omnes


O Vos Omnes, sung by the Choir of Westminster Cathedral (Martin Baker, Master of Music; Robert Quinney, organ) for which cathedral it was commissioned in 1922                                                                       

LAMED. O vos omnes qui transitis per viam                                                                                  Lamed. O all ye that pass by the way,                                                                                            Attendite et videte                                                                                                                                                    Attend, and see                                                                                                                                                          Si est dolor sicut dolor meus                                                                                                      If there be any sorrow like to my sorrow:                                                                                       Quoniam vindemiavit me                                                                                                           For he hath made a vintage of me,                                                                                                Ut locutus est Dominus in die irae furoris sui                                                                                As the Lord spoke in the day of his fierce anger.

MEM. De excelso misit ignem in ossibus meis                                                                               Mem. From above he hath sent fire into my bones,                                                                          Et erudivit me                                                                                                                           And hath chastised me:                                                                                                               Expandit rete pedibus meis                                                                                                        He hath spread a net for my feet,                                                                                                 Convertit me retrorsum                                                                                                             He hath turned me back:                                                                                                             Posuit me desolatam                                                                                                                He hath made me desolate                                                                                                           Tota die maerore confectam.                                                                                                     Wasted with sorrow all the day long.

Nun. Vigilavit iugum iniquitatum mearum.                                                                                   Nun. The yoke of my iniquities you hath watched.                                                                            In manu eius convolutae sunt                                                                                                    They are folded together in his hand,                                                                                             Et impositae collo meo                                                                                                              And put upon my neck:                                                                                                                Infirmata est virtus mea                                                                                                            My strength is weakened:                                                                                                             Dedit me Dominus in manu                                                                                                        The Lord hath delivered me into a hand,                                                                                         De qua non potero surgere.                                                                                                        Out of which I am not able to rise.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,                                                                                                              Jerusalem, Jerusalem,                                                                                                                 Convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum.                                                                                         Turn back to the Lord, your God.