Parsons, Robert

Robert Parsons


Brief biographies of Robert Parsons in HOASM and in Wikipedia.



"His Pandolpho is one of the greatest of all tragic consort songs."  Click to listen to Alfred Deller sing Pandolpho (Pour down, you pow'rs divine) with Desmond Dupré, lute.

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"Robert Parsons wrote music for both Catholic and Reformed rites, but the exact context for his Ave Maria is not known. It is not a liturgical form of the text: it stops short of the intercessory prayer ‘Sancta Maria Mater Dei.’ This piece is not based on plainsong, although the long notes in the top part, just after the opening, might suggest otherwise. This phrase is repeated twice, at successively higher pitches, leading to a rhetorical climax at ‘Dominus tecum.'"

Click to hear Parson's Ave Maria (text) performed by The Cardinall's Musick at All Souls College, Oxford, Andrew Carwood conducting, Caroline Trevor (alto), Robert Evans (bass), James Gilchrist (Treble), Steven Harrold (Tenor), Robert Macdonald (Bass).

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