Palestrina: Missa Aeterna Munera


Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina:

Missa Aeterna Christi munera

The Westminster Cathedral Choir

James O'Donnell, Master of Music


Aeterna Christi munera - hymn                                                            

Aeterna Christi munera,
Apostolorum gloriam,                                                                                                                                          
Laudes canentes debitas,
Laetis canamus mentibus.

Ecclesiarum principes,
Belli triumphales duces,
Caelestis aulae milites,
Et vera mundi lumina.

Devota sanctorum fides,
Invicta spes credentium,
Perfecta Christi caritas
Mundi triumphat principem.

In his paterna gloria,
In his voluntas spiritus,
Exsultat in his filius,
Caelum repletur gaudio.

Te nunc, redemptor, quaesumus,
Ut ipsorum consortio
Iungas precantes servulos
In sempiterna saecula.

The eternal gifts of Christ the King,
the apostles' glory, let us sing,

and all, with hearts of gladness, raise
due hymns of thankful love and praise.

For they the Church's princes are,
triumphant leaders in the war,
in heavenly courts a warrior band,
true lights to lighten every land.

Theirs is the steadfast faith of saints,
and hope that never yields nor faints;
and love of Christ in perfect glow
that lays the prince of this world low.

In them the Father's glory shone,
in them the will of God the Son,
in them exults the Holy Ghost,
through them rejoice the heavenly host.

To thee, Redeemer, now we cry,
that thou wouldst join to them on high
thy servants, who this grace implore,
for ever and for evermore.


Missa "Aeterna Christi munera'




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