Orlando Gibbons: See, see the Word is incarnate

performed by The Elizabethan Consort


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See, see the Word is incarnate; God is made man in the womb of a Virgin. Shepherds rejoice, wise men adore, and angels sing: Glory be to God on high, peace on earth goodwill towards men. The law is cancelled; Jews and Gentiles all converted by the preaching of glad tidings of salvation. The blind have sight and cripples have their motion; diseases cured, the dead are raised and miracles are wrought. Let us welcome such a guest with hosanna. The Paschal Lamb is offered, Christ Jesus made a sacrifice for sin. The earth quakes, the sun is darkened, the powers of hell are shaken; and lo, He is risen up in victory. Sing alleluia. See, O see the fresh wounds, the goring blood the pricks of thorns, the print of nails; and in the sight of multitudes a glorious ascension. Where now He sits on God’s right hand, where all the choir of angles jointly sing: Glory be to the Lamb that sitteth on the throne. Let us continue our wonted note with hosanna; blessed be he that cometh in the Name of the Lord, with alleluia. We triumph in victory; the serpent’s head bruised, Christ kingdom exalted, and heaven laid open to sinners. Amen