Orlando Gibbons

Orlando Gibbons

1583 -1625

Read about Orlando Gibbons in Wikipedia (and listen to Out of the Deep performed by the Tudor Consort).

Glenn Gould considered Orlando Gibbons, and not J.S. Bach, his favourite composer.

Listen and watch Glenn Gould play Orlando Gibbons.

Click for availability to borrow a vinyl disc of Glenn Gould, Consort of musicke bye William Byrde and Orlando Gibbons, from the [BNQ].

Click to read about James Johnstone and hear him play music for the harpsicord and virginal by Orlando Gibbons.

Listen to the Tudor Consort sing O, Clap Your Hands.

Listen to the Tudor Consort sing O Lord, In Thy Wrath.

Listen and watch Voces8 sing O, Clap your Hands in Autun Cathedral.

Click to download See, see, the Word is incarnate performed by the Elizabethan Consort.

The Choir of Tewkesbury Abbey, Benjamin Nichols conducting performs Orlando Gibbons, the Magnificat from the Short Service. 

And the Nunc dimittis also from the Short Service.