Muhly, Nico

Nico Muhly

(b. 1981)

Read about Nico Muhly on his own website. and in My Space where you will find sound clips.                                                                                            

There is a lengthy interview with a video in the New Music Box.

Nico Muhly composed the canticles, entitled First Service, that were sung at Evensong during Jusqu’aux oreilles 2007 Click to listen to them sung by the choir of Clare College, Cambridge 

Click to listen to the entire Bright Mass with Canons written for John Scott and the choir of St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City.  

Click to listen to A Good Understanding sung by the choir of Clare College and the trebles of St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue.

If you wander around Muhly’s website you will find more of his music for listening 

Click to see the video that Una Lorenzen made for Muhly’s It Goes Without Saying.