Metz Organ

The Marc-Garnier Organ of the Cathedral of St-Étienne in Metz

In 1537, to complement a large medieval organ installed in 1454, Johann von Promsfeldt known as Jehan de Trèves supplied a small Renaissance organ in a case made by Jehan de Verdun located in the triforium in a "swallow's nest". In 1588, the famous Brabant organbuilder Florent Hocquet, sent for from Liège by the canons, began transforming the instrument. Hocquet returned to Lorraine several times and his son Nicolas set up in business in Nancy, from where he also travelled to work in Paris and Reims. After undergoing numerous transformations, the organ was reconstructed by Marc Garnier in 1981: the organ case of 1537 was retained, while the tonal design mirrored that of the Dutch Renaissance, with a short octave and meantone temperament. (