Linden Tree Carol


The Linden Tree Carol: There stood in heaven a linden tree, but, though ‘twas honey-laden, all angels cried: No bloom shall be like that of one fair maiden. Sped Gabriel on winged fetet, and passed though bolted portals in Nazareth, a maid to greet, blest o’er all other mortals. Hail Mary, quoth the angle mild, Of womankind the fairest; the virgin ay shalt thou be styled, a babe although thou barest. So be it, God’s handmaiden cried, according to thy telling, whereon the angel smartly hied up homeward to his dwelling. This tiding filled his mated with glee; ‘twas passed from one to other, that ‘twas Mary, and none but she, and God would call her mother. (G. R. Woodward)