Heathcote Statham


Heathcote Statham (1889-1973) studied at St Michael’s College, Tenbury, at Cambridge and at the Royal College of Music under Parratt and was Organist at Calcutta Cathedral (1913), St Michael’s Tenbury ((1920), Southampton Parish Church (1928) and at Norwich Cathedral from 1928 to 1966. Apart from the Norwich Triennial Festival and the Norwich Philharmonic Orchestra, he directed both the LPO and the LSO during the Second War. His compositions were mainly for organ, especially worthy of note being the Four Diversions, the Rhapsody in C (1927) the Divertimento on Monkland and, best of all, the superbly worked Rhapsody on a Ground (1944); but he also wrote a few anthems such as the introit O Come Thou Spirit Divinest and Ye that know that Lord is Gracious, carols, a Te Deum dedicated to the present Queen, and other services, the hymn tune Arncliffe10, one or two secular partsongs and an operetta The New Master, for boys’ voices dating from around 1920 when he was at Tenbury.  - Philip L. Scowcroft from Some British Conductor-Composers (Classical Music on the Web)