Glory and Honour and Laud


Glory and honour and laud be to Thee, King Christ the Redeemer!
Children before whose steps rais ‘d their Hosannas of praise.

Israel’s Monarch art Thou, and the glorious offspring of David,
Thou that approaches! a King blest in the name of the Lord.
“Glory to Thee in the highest”, the heav’nly armies are singing:
“Glory to Thee upon earth”, man and creation reply.
Met there with Palms in their hands that day the folk of the Hebrews:
We with our prayers and our hymns now to Thy presence approach.
They to Thee proffer’d their praise for to herald Thy dolorous Passion,
We to the King on his throne utter the Jubilant hymn.
They were then pleasing to Thee, unto Thee our devotion be pleasing.
Merciful King, kind King, who in all goodness art pleas’d.

Theodulph of Orleans (9th century) translated by J M Neale (1818-1866)

To listen to Charles Wood, Glory and Honour and Laud performed by the Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, John Scott conducting, while following the text, Right-click here, the left click on "Open in New Tab."