Gloria Tibi Domine
 Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)

On  Sunday, September 9, we imagined ourselves in the Marienkirche in the Free Imperial City of Lübeck soaking up the musical world of Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707).  On Sunday, September 16, the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, we find ourselves, to a certain degree, a century earlier, in Tudor England, with the music of Thomas Tallis, William  Byrd and John Bull.


Gloria Tibi, Domine, in addition to being the Latin response to the announcement of the proclamation of the gospel, are the opening words of the last stanza of a well-known Marian hymn, Memento, salutis Auctor (Remember, Author of our Health), sung at all three daytime hours (terce, sext, none) of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The Little Office is a simplified version of the traditional Roman Catholic Divine Office which is also at the origin of Morning and Evening Prayer in the Anglican tradition.



MEMENTO, salutis Auctor,
quod nostri quondam corporis,
ex illibata Virgine
nascendo, formam sumpseris.

REMEMBER, author of our health,
That thou sometime didst take on thee
Of a pure virgin being born,
The form of our humanity.

Maria, mater gratiae,
mater misericordiae,
tu nos ab hoste protege,
et hora mortis suscipe.

Mary that mother art of grace,
Of mercy mother also art,
Save and defend us from our foe,
Receive us when we hence depart.

Gloria tibi, Domine,
qui natus est de Virgine,
cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu
in sempiterna saecula.

Glory be unto thee O Lord,
That born was of the virgin pure,
With the Father and the Holy Ghost,
All ages ever to endure. Amen



                                                                                               William Byrd (1540-1623)   


William Byrd’s [BNQ] Gloria Tibi, Domine, is the Communion motet for Choral Eucharist on Sunday, September 16, and the Introit for EvensongClick, then click again on the minature loudspeaker, to hear Bouwe Dijkstra’s arrangement of Byrd’s Gloria Tibi, Domine for a cappella choir.


                                                             John Bull (1562-1628


 The prelude for Choral Eucharist on Sunday, September 16, is an organ rendition of Gloria Tibi, Domine, by John Bull [BNQ] and the prelude for Evensong likewise Gloria Tibi, Domini by Byrd’s teacher, Thomas Tallis [BNQ].  All three, Tallis, Byrd and Bull, served as Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal under Elizabeth I, Tallis and Byrd in spite of their Roman Catholic faith.