Complete Buxtehude-6

To Celebrate the 300th Anniversary of His Death 

The Complete Works for Organ of


Dietrich Buxtehude


Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

Montreal, Quebec


Corner of rue Ste-Catherine and rue University

McGill Metro 


Saturday, June 16, 2007

5:00 pm 

Patrick Wedd, Organ

(Sunday, June 17, 2007)

(other recitals in the series)

(Buxtehude Introduction)



Toccata in d (BuxWV 155)


Ich dank dir schon durch deinen Sohn (BuxWV 195)


I thank you by your Son, O God,
For your goodness
That you have benevolently
Protected me this night


Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BuxWV 196)


I call to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ,
O hear my sore complaining!
In thy good time unto me list,
Thine ear to me inclining!
True faith in Thee, O Lord, I seek,
O make me now and wholly
Love Thee solely,
My neighbor hold as self,
And keep Thy word e'er holy.


In dulci jubilo (BuxWV 197)


 Francesco di Giorgio Martini: Nativity, San Domenico, Siena, 1490-95


In dulci jubilo Your praises hereby show,
He our hearts sweet treasure lies in praesepio,
Is come to do God's pleasure Matris in gremio
Alpha es et O. Alpha es et O.



Te Deum laudamus (BuxWV 218)


O God, we praise Thee: we acknowledge Thee to be the Lord.
Thee, the Father, all the earth doth worship.
To Thee all the Angels, the Heavens and all the Powers,
To Thee the Cherubim and Seraphim cry out without ceasing:
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts!


Praeludium in F (BuxWV 144)


Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod (BuxWV 198)



Dieric Bouts the Elder:  The Resurrection, Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena, 1450-60

Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour
Who freed us from the wrath of God;
By His bitter grief and death
Saved us from the pains of Hell.
Thou shalt hold Thy faith unshaken
That Communion thus be taken
By the sick with sinful heart,
Full of woe and torn apart.


Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott (2 versus)

(BuxWV 199, BuxWV 200)


Come, Holy Ghost, come, Lord our own God,
And shed Thy heavenly gifts abroad
On us, and unto every heart
True faith and fervent love impart.
O Lord, who by Thy heavenly light
Hast called Thy Church from sinful night,
Out of all nations, tribes and places,
To Thee we render thanks and praises; Hallelujah!


Canzona in e (BuxWV 169)


Praeludium in g (BuxWV 150)



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