Complete Buxtehude-3

To Celebrate the 300th Anniversary of His Death 

The Complete Works for Organ of


Dietrich Buxtehude


Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

Montreal, Quebec


Corner of rue Ste-Catherine and rue University

McGill Metro


Sunday, June 3, 2007 

1:00 pm 

Patrick Wedd, Organ

(Saturday, June 9, 2007)

(other recitals in the series)

(Buxtehude Introduction)



Praeludium in C (BuxWV137)


Vater unser im Himmelreich (BuxWV 219)




Gerard David:  God the Father Blessing

Our Father in the heaven Who art,
Who tellest all of us, in heart
Brothers to be, and on Thee call
And wilt have prayer from one and all,
Grant that the mouth not only pray,
From deepest heart O help its way.


Nim von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott (BuxWV 207) (4 versus)


Take from us, Lord, thou faithful God,
The punishment and great distress
Which we for sins beyond all count
Have merited through all our days.
Protect from war and times of dearth,
Contagion, fire and grievous pain.


Fuga in G (BuxWV 175)


Toccata in F (BuxWV 157)


Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt (BuxWV 183)


Masaccio:  Adam and Eve Driven from the Garden, Cappella Brancacci, Florence, 1435

When Adam fell, the human race
Was doomed to condemnation;
Bereft were we of innocence,
Sin's poison wrought destruction,
But thanks to God,
Who spares the rod,
From death have we been taken.
The Serpent Eve
Didst once deceive
Beholds his power shaken.



Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott  (BuxWV 184)


A mighty fortress is our God,
A trusty shield and weapon;
He helps us free from every need
That has us now o'ertaken.
The old evil foe
Now means deadly woe;
Deep guile and great might
Are his dread arms in fight;
On earth is not his equal.


Canzona in g (BuxWV 173)


Erhalt uns, Herr bei deinem Wort (BuxWV 185)


Maintain us, Lord, within thy word,
And fend off murd'rous Pope and Turk,
Who Jesus Christ, thy very Son,
Strive to bring down from his throne.



Es is das Heil uns kommen her (BuxWV 186)


Now is to us salvation come
By grace and purest favor.
Our works, they help us not at all,
They offer no protection.
But faith shall Jesus Christ behold,
Who hath enough done for us all
He is our intercessor.


Es spricht der Unweisen Mund wohl (BuxWV 187)


Hans Holbein:  The Fool from the Dance of Death, 1538


The mouth of fools doth God confess,
But while their lips draw nigh him
Their heart is full of wickedness,
And all their deeds deny him.
Corrupt are they, and every one
Abominable deeds hath done;
There is not one well-doer.


Praeludium in a (BuxWV 153)




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